Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Democracy Now uncorrected distorted stories

3/3/16Attempted to send to Democracy Now, but no email provided and form is too condensed

Please note this email was endorsed by Noam Chomsky.

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Subject: RE: Mantaining the integrity of Democracy Now.

I’d suggest writing to DN directly.  While we’re friends, they do not respond to suggestions of mine.
From: Al Rodbell []
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2016 12:21 PM
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Subject: Mantaining the integrity of Democracy Now.
Professor Chomsky
While the N.Y. Times may not always pay attention to you, I would guess that Amy Goodman does.   Please look over the following and if you agree, consider forwarding it to her.
Democracy Now
Amy Goodman- Executive Producer and Anchor
Dear Amy,
Your voice is more important now than ever, as we are closest than any time in history to the election of a radical President.  Since Donald Trump traffics in lies and distortions it becomes that much more vital that "Democracy Now" represents the highest standard of accuracy. 
The following are reporting segments that are either biased are false.
1- Recently, you reported that a group of Black youths were removed from a Trump rally by his secret service contingent, including some rough physical handling in the process of ejecting them.  You aired an interview with one of those evicted who explained they had done nothing except go to the back of the arena to view the event.  I, like many of your viewers were outraged.  As it appeared that government law enforcement entities, such as the secret service or even police could become part of a virtual SS force by those who see Trump as taking the path of Hitler. 

Subsequent to your report, the Secret Service has officially denied that they were involved in this event, as quoted in this Wall Street Journal article,, and stated that they would only have acted if there were a threat to the person being protected.  Your story has not been corrected.  For those who trust Democracy Now for fearless disclosures, there must be confidence that what is reported has been vetted for accuracy.  (If you need further verification from the Secret Service, contact me and I will make the effort to validate the Wall Street Journal report)
2- In reference to the Sandra Bland tragedy:  When Democracy Now does updates, the phraseology is always tentative with words such as her "reported" suicide."   There are an array of questions of procedural derelictions in both the arrest and incarceration phase of this tragic event.  In the Wikipedia article that acknowledges these failures and the current legal challenges, there is no mention of her being hanged by other than herself as there is a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, concluding that she did, in fact, commit suicide.  The conditional modifier of "reported" has the effect of supporting a conspiracy theory of this being a murder; that only results in shedding doubt on the many important stories that only Democracy Now airs to the public. 
To the degree that Democracy Now represents truth that other venues do not publicize, a rigorous dedication to accuracy is vital in all of your reporting..

Al Rodbell
Encinitas CA 92024