Friday, July 1, 2016

Guidelines for Morning Poinsettia Park Round Robin Tennis

Guidelines for morning  Poinsettia Round Robin 

The first people arrive as early as 7:30 AM, and play quietly not to disturb neighbors, and stay as long as they want; then some leave and others come later.  The last set usually breaks up after 11 when the courts in the complex are almost all empty.  It can take a few sessions before a new person understands the procedures which is why this guide is being provided.

There are various numbers of courts, from one to five depending on availability. When people are waiting at the top of the stairs, some courts should be relinquished.  This is pretty rare, but can happen. Everyone playing with "the group" should interact.  Only when there is no one waiting and after 10AM should a foursome play a full regular set, but even then if someone shows up they can decide to rotate him/her in. 

It's not really that complicated, but each "set" is four standard games without switching sides (you will pick up the sequence after a set or two) but winning doesn't matter, as the person who has cycled, played all four games is then "out."  "Out" means waiting for your turn if there are others, and you are at the end of the line on the benches. The active courts (including those across the walkway)  let the waiting people  know they finished with a loud call of "FOUR."  If you are the next in line on the bench, you go to that court and you have the first position for the next set.

If there are 3, 4 or sometimes 5 courts being used, the cycles are pretty quick, a few minutes at most. If there are less than 4 people on the benches, then only the one next person goes in.  If there are four or more on the bench waiting (not resting to leave), then the next two go to the court that finished their cycle and just called "FOUR." and the last two players there are "out". Those who have waited the longest get the priority position in the set.  

That's the end of the introductory guidelines. 

Players come and go, and at times it's not clear when someone is done for the day or just resting, so there can be some confusion at times.  This group has lasted for so long, without rules or official supervision because enjoying the personal interactions really is the essential element, whether its among old timers or visitors for a week.