Saturday, October 24, 2009

Column that broke this story....

.....was by Logan Jenkins in this article from the Union Tribune October 4, with this being the money quote:

The bottom-line question the City Council must answer is how iTennis plans to generate enough revenue to pay for the construction of a clubhouse and stadium court. How do you do that without becoming a de facto lesson factory and/or charging high fees to play?

Neither the Recreation Department or the City Council will answer this question, so we have to take action to demand that they do so.

Verify all the following dates and times:
Email to reach each member of Carlsbad City Council (next meeting Nov. 17th 6:00) Each person can speak for 3 minutes (we should coordinate)

Parks and Recreation Commission meeting Nov 16, 5:30

Parks and Recreation Services Manager, Sue Spickard,

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